This policy is a "living" document, and subject to change. Please get in touch with us via a ticket to make suggestions.



We are an Ark-and-chill PvE community, focused on enjoying the game in a relaxed, friendly environment.  We expect our members to adhere to our shared values both in-game and in Discord. While we encourage differing interests and viewpoints, we also want to ensure we keep Æsir an enjoyable place to spend your time.



As a member of our community, you agree that:

  • We are committed to the inclusivity and safety of our community

  • There is no tolerance for abusive behavior, harassment, and discrimination

  • We avoid using abusive language, e.g., sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory slurs

  • We do not put down or insult other people’s passions and fun

  • We avoid using offensive topics as a form of humor

  • We do not tolerate using our Discord as a personal soapbox to air inciteful political or personal commentary



The first rule of Æsir is don't be a dick. Simple as that

Be cool to one another; personal attacks, slurs, and antagonistic behavior will get you banned. Respect the golden rule.

Respect others in voice, text, and in-game chat

Avoid talking over others, and refrain from “sucking the air out of the room”. Topics intended to shock, such as intentionally inciteful political or personal commentary, tend to shutdown conversation – you will be muted, and kicked if the behavior continues.


If you use an open mic, please be courteous and mute your mic when you make noise (e.g., coughing, typing). Push-to-talk will be enforced for hot-miking and muting for disruptive chatter.

There's joking, and then there's bullying

Humor at the expense of others who are not participating in the joke isn’t humor – it’s bullying. We will not tolerate hateful or abusive behaviour toward other players for any reason. Friends can tease, strangers cannot

Reports are dealt with using logs, discussion with involved parties, and our Support Team’s discretion



1. No griefing

"Griefing" constitutes the following but is not limited to:

•  Intercepting supply drops and rare sightings

•  Interfering with OSDs and Element Veins

•  Kiting/dropping wild dinos into someone's base/dinos.

•  Interfering with tames


Be respectful of other players if they beat you to a drop or Rare Sighting. They are considered first come, first served, and players might not respect “Dibs!” if you’re unprepared. If someone calls out that they're trying to tame a dino, do not attempt to interfere with it.

2. Your tribe is allowed to have two bases per server – mobile bases do not count against the limit!

We enforce this through the base claim channels, found under the BASE ATLAS category in our discord. All claims MUST follow the format pinned to these channels to be valid. A claim makes you the landlord of everything within maximum render distance from the precise GPS coords you post. You are free to ally or allow people to build closer, or to tell them to move. Building a structure without claiming the spot leaves it vulnerable to admin wiping without notice!

Temporary bases must be claimed in the same fashion as permanent bases. The "Soul Finder" costs 1 thatch and functions as a GPS, and are free at the community centers!


In addition to the two base rule, your tribe may also have a claimed catalyzer base on maps that have element water – Aberration, Olympus, and Volcano. They can be no larger than 3x3x3 vacuum cube grid.

We limit each tribe to two bases to ensure ample build space is available for others, and to balance the load on the servers. A handful of tribes with a ton of random structures strewn across the map can really kill the game, especially in a PvE environment.

Unclaimed bases should be reported to our Support Team. We will notify owners to stake a claim, and regularly wipe unclaimed and decayed structures at our discretion. We utilize structure decay to help keep the servers clean.


3. Do not build within the maximum render range of another tribe’s base claim without their permission

“Maximum render range” is defined as the in-game distance when the “View Distance” setting is on Ultra. The point of reference is the GPS coordinates as claimed in the BASE ATLAS section.


Our rule of thumb is that if you can see a base’s core structure, you are probably too close. If you can see their perimeter wall – but not their main base structure – then you should be courteous and ask if you can build there. Be mindful that bases tend to grow with time, so space can quickly become an issue.


When looking for a spot to build:

•  Scout the area

•  Check any structures against the corresponding BASE ATLAS channel

•  Build outside of maximum render range, or ASK the tribe if you may ally with them to build closer


Vertical spaces, such as those on Extinction, pose unique challenges! Render rules are looser by necessity, meaning you may build immediately above or below another player. In these cases an S+ Tek generator or S+ trough can be used to determine distance, as they cause a very wide “enemy structure” debuff. Always communicate with your neighbors, and involve the Support Team to help resolve disputes.

4. Absolutely no land claiming

No pillar, foundation, or gate spam! Violating structures will be wiped upon discovery. Repeat offenders will be warned, then banned for repeat behavior.


If you need to despawn trees and rocks to build your base, use an S+ trough instead of foundation spam. The trough produces a very wide resource despawn, keeping an area you’ve cleared free of fresh spawns. If building near resources, do not use this method.


5. Do not block resources, caves, and bottlenecks

Building near a resource does not make it "yours". Despawning small amounts of critical resources (crystal, metal, obsidian) is inevitable when building. You will be told to move if you end up despawning a large swatch in a primary farming zone. You must keep all gas and oil pumps unlocked for other players to use. Also keep your perimeter gates unlocked: It's a fact of life that people disconnect while flying over bases!

6. Keep it clean! Empty your beaver dams & supply drops; eat unwanted trench eggs; clear taming pens!

Our cluster thrives because our community cleans up after itself:

•  Clear your beaver dams by taking all and dumping what you don’t need. This ensures the dam will respawn again with fresh materials

•  Make use of the S+ demo gun to remove unused structures, traps, and spike walls

•  Remove you dino leash after completing OSD drops on Extinction


This includes taming pens and temporary structures that aren't part of your core base. Our aim is to keep unnecessary clutter to a minimum, maximizing player-useable space and keeping server loads balanced.


Following this rule prevents a dystopian world of useless dams devoid of paste, supply drops of sadness, and empty nests. The community will thank you for your kindness!

7. Create a tribe for yourself, even if you play solo

This makes it much easier for the admins to assist you, and makes it easier for other players to identify your lost dinos!



We expect our community to responsibly handle their breeding projects. Uncontrolled breeding leads to a number of issues, the worst being massive local desync and crashing. Our Support Team will issue a warning and manually put away all dinos found in a bomb on the first instance.


Repeat offenses are handled on a case-by-case basis, with deletion of the dinos considered an extreme solution for egregious offenders. Please use Dino Storage to ball up any dinos not in use, and that mod's terminal to pickup your baby dinos! 



It's a fact that IRL always comes first, and Ark may need to take a backseat. Should you find yourself needing time away from the cluster, just submit a ticket to our Support Team!

I need to be gone for up to one month or less

A member of our admin team will manually login to refresh your bases, and will keep your dinos fed via RCON.

I'm not sure how long I'll be gone (one month or more)

We'll archive a save from your last login to the cluster, keeping your base and dinos frozen in time. Your base will be allowed to decay and your claim will be lost. But when you return, we'll spin up the save on our recovery server so you can grab your base inventory. We'll assist with moving large amounts of dinos and material if needed. Nothing is ever really gone! 

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