This policy is a "living" document and subject to change.

Please get in touch with us via a ticket to make suggestions.



We are an Ark-and-chill PvE community focused on enjoying the game in a relaxed, friendly environment.  We expect our members to adhere to our shared values, both in-game and in Discord.

  • We are committed to the inclusivity and safety of our community.

  • There is no tolerance for abusive behavior, harassment, and discrimination.

  • We avoid using abusive language, e.g., sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory slurs.

  • We do not put down or insult other people’s passions and fun.

  • We avoid using offensive topics as a form of humor.

  • We do not tolerate using our Discord as a personal soapbox to air inciteful political or personal commentary.

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Our mantra is don’t be a dick. Simple as that.

We are a diverse and active community, so please be cool to one another. Personal attacks, slurs, and antagonistic behavior will get you banned.

1. Respect others in voice, text, and in-game chat.

Avoid talking over others, and refrain from “sucking the air out of the room” with topics intended to shock. E.g., deliberately inciteful political or personal commentary and mouth-breathing. You will be kicked, then banned, for repeated abuse.

2. There’s joking, and then there’s bullying.

Humor at the expense of others who are not participating in the joke isn’t humor – it’s bullying. We will not tolerate hateful or abusive behavior toward other players for any reason. Friends can tease; strangers cannot.


3. NSFW content is strictly off-limits.

Keep in mind this is primarily a community for adults - swearing and dark humor are allowed. At no point should anything that can be considered NSFW be posted. This includes lewd depictions of anime characters, as such material is easily questioned. 


4. Keep discussions in the relevant channels.

Please use discretion when a conversation wanders to something off-topic and move it to the appropriate channel. For an in-depth discussion, consider using DMs.


5. Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by a misunderstanding.

It’s easy to misinterpret one another in an environment that spans cultures, timezones, playstyles, and personalities. Almost all disputes can be attributed to simple mistakes and carelessness. Be kind to one another, and lean on our ticket system when you need help.


6. Submit support tickets by typing ?new in #❗i-need-help❗.

Our support tickets cover unusual situations that may occur in the game world, such as getting stuck in the mesh, dying to a game bug, or resolving disputes. Not sure how to ask for help? Give us a ping in the help room, and we’ll direct you from there! 


7. Avoid posting personally identifiable information.

Please only share images that you feel comfortable having out on the internet. As a public discord, anything you post can be viewed by strangers. Be responsible - selfies and photos of your pets are fine! Our admins have experienced stalking and will not tolerate it. If you experience this harassment, please DM @Zuka directly for immediate action.


8. Please set your Discord nickname!

Please change your discord nicknames to the format of PlayerName (TribeName) so that we know for sure who's who. For example, if your primary character is named Zukes, and your main tribe is Audax, we ask that you change your server nickname to Zukes (Audax). To do this, right-click our server icon and select "Change Nickname."

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1. No griefing.

"Griefing" constitutes the following but is not limited to:

•  Intercepting supply drops and Shiny sightings.
•  Interfering with tames, OSDs, and Element Veins.
•  Kiting/dropping wild dinos into someone’s base/dinos

2. Your tribe is allowed to have two bases per server.

Dino, skiff, and raft bases do not count against the limit.

We enforce this through the base claim channels (e.g., #ragnarok-bases). All claims MUST follow the format pinned to these channels to be valid.

Your claim gives you priority over structures within maximum render distance from the GPS coordinates you post. You are free to ally or allow people to build closer or to tell them to move. Building a structure without claiming the spot leaves it open to admin wiping without notice!

2a. “Maximum render range” is defined as the in-game distance when the “View Distance” setting is on Ultra.

2b. Temporary bases must be claimed in the same fashion as permanent bases.

2c. Catalyzer Outposts

Your tribe may have a claimed catalyzer outpost on maps with element water in addition to your two bases. They can be no larger than a 3x3x3 vacuum cube grid (6x6 ceiling tiles) – any larger, and it’s considered a base. If you own Aberration, please build your catalyzer there.


2d. No bases near element water on Olympus and Volcano

Element zones on these maps are too small to allow full bases.

2e. The “Rag Rule”

We sometimes host two copies of a map based on demand. You are allowed to build on ONE of them so that the community may enjoy an uncluttered map. Tribes found to be violating this rule will be given a chance to choose a base to keep – the other will be deleted. Players are welcome to travel freely across the two maps for farming and other activities.

3. Do not build within the maximum render range of another tribe’s base claim without permission.

Our rule of thumb is that you are too close if you can see a base’s core structure. If you can see the perimeter wall – but not the main base structure – you should be courteous and ask if you can build. Be mindful that bases tend to grow with time, so space can quickly become an issue. 

4. No pillar, foundation, or gate spam.

Offending structures will be wiped upon discovery. Repeat offenders will be warned, then banned. Report suspected spam using a ticket.


5. Do not block resources, caves, and bottlenecks.

Building near a resource does not make it “yours.” Despawning small amounts of critical resources (crystal, metal, obsidian) is inevitable when building. You will be told to move if you end up despawning five or more nodes in a prime farming location. 


5a. You must keep all gas and oil pumps unlocked for other players to use.

5b. You must keep your perimeter gates unlocked.

It’s a fact of life that people disconnect while flying over bases!

6. Empty your beaver dams and supply drops; eat unwanted trench eggs; clear taming pens; remove dino leashes at OSDs.

This includes taming pens and temporary structures that aren’t part of your core base. Please keep unnecessary clutter to a minimum to help us maximize player-useable space and keep server loads balanced. 

7. Create a tribe for yourself, even if you play solo!

This makes it much easier for the admins and other players to identify your lost dinos!

8. When you log out, or go AFK, place your inventory into storage and lay in a bed!

Even though we have mesh detection, rejection, and killing disabled, Ark will still randomly kill your toon when you’re away. It’s rare, but we do not offer recovery of items lost while offline (except for patrons). Any storage box will do!


9. Do not place shields over public teleporters

If an unallied player teleports to a shielded teleporter, they can get flung through the world mesh and deleted. Players dying in this manner are difficult to recover! Our support team will remove any shield generators placed over public teleporters reported to us.


9a. The range of a public teleporter can be changed by anyone - this is not configurable by us

It is wise to store your personal dinos outside the maximum range of your teleporter pads!

These rules are not to be interpreted how you like – there are no “loopholes.” Anyone claiming not to be breaking the rules due to it “not being in the rules” will receive an appropriate consequence.



Dino Storage will disable breeding projects after 48 hours of inactivity. While this virtually eliminates breeding bombs, outliers are possible. 


We expect our community to handle its breeding projects responsibly. Uncontrolled breeding leads to several issues, the worst being massive local desync and crashing. Our Support Team will issue a warning and manually put away all dinos found in a bomb on the first instance. Repeat offenses are handled on a case-by-case basis. 


Please use Dino Storage to ball up dinos and use the soul terminal to pick up your baby dinos! 

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Patreon perk


It’s a fact that IRL always comes first, and Ark may need to take a backseat. Should you find yourself needing time away from the cluster, submit a support ticket!


We will pull saves from the servers you play on and add them to our permanent “deep storage” archive at your request. When you return, we spin the saves back up on our recovery servers, allowing you to recover your progress!